How to become a business aviation stewardess

How to become a business aviation stewardess?

The highest level of service provision in business aviation requires a special level of cabin crew training. The experience and professionalism of a flight attendant or flight attendant is the key to a comfortable and safe customer journey. The specifics of work in business aviation is radically different from the features of the same specialist in airlines serving regular passenger traffic.

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What will be the business after coronavirus?

Business after Covid-19

What will be the aviation business after coronavirus? Charter flights and business aviation planes as a travel solution.

With a slowdown in the spread of coronavirus, more and more questions are being asked:

According to forecasts, the world after the epidemic will not be the same. It woun’t be open for free movement. The quarantine “spot” on the map will slowly move around the World, opening some countries, closing the others.

In this case, flexibility and immediate reaction to changing working conditions and adaptation to them will be essential for running a business.

Collaboration with aviation brokers

Collaboration with aviation brokers, offering private jet rentals will be important. Independence of the schedule will add confidence in departing for a meeting or sending employees to perform important work abroad.

A private jet awaiting its customers can fly at any time. This is especially important in a situation like it was a month ago. When countries began, one after another, slamming their borders into quarantine.

Private carriers are adapting to new conditions. Aircraft cabins are disinfected, staff and crew work in medical masks and gloves.

Aircraft rental is the most hygienic mode of transport

A business jet is the most hygienic way to travel. First of all: viruses are transmitted by airborne droplets. Frequent trips are also associated with more frequent contact with sources of potential infection. Renting a private jet significantly reduces this contact, because only people specified by the client fly on a rented airplane. And formalities at the airport take place in a more intimate departure room.

Until recently, renting an airplane was considered a luxury. Few could afford it, preferring to buy tickets for scheduled airplanes. The experience of recent weeks has shown that thrifty pays twice.

Find out how much the flight you are interested in would cost.

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Empty leg flights to London

Let us represent you example empty leg flights to London:

  • From EPWA, WAW, Warsaw Frederic Chopin, Warsaw, Poland 08 Apr 2020 12:00 local (10:00 UTC) to EGGW, LTN, Luton, London (luton), United Kingdom. Aircraft: Citation CJ2+, max pax 7.
  • From EDDB, SXF, Berlin/Schoenefeld, Berlin, Germany 08 Apr 2020 12:00 local (10:00 UTC) to EGGW, LTN, Luton, London (luton), United Kingdom. Aircraft: Legacy 650, max pax 13.
  • From LFPB, LBG, Paris Le Bourget, Paris, France 08 Apr 2020 12:00 local (10:00 UTC) to EGGW, LTN, Luton, London (luton), United Kingdom. Aircraft: Falcon 2000S, max pax 10.

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Coronavirus Emergency & Evacuation flights.

Europe closed borders amid coronavirus outbreak. Allowed are only aircraft charters with the citizens of destination country on the board.

Сheck out the chronology of the spread of the coronavirus in China if you expect borders would be opened in 14 days.

If you are on a business trip or on vacation, away from your loved ones and your business. If you cannot leave them alone for about 3 months – it’s time to return home. With the spread of the virus, big restrictions might be introduced. Over time it will be more difficult and more expensive to return.

If main airports are closed, you can check regional. Usually smaller ones keep open longer. You can use them for coronavirus evacuation flight.

Look for travel companions, maybe a large plane will be available from your region. The ability to share the cost of renting a plane with someone will significantly reduce your costs and make a private plane more affordable.

Keep calm.

Contact us for more information. Fly safe.

Business Jet

Business jets – business flights

If we want to successfully run an international business, it is often associated with frequent travel. Business meetings or conferences are just some of the elements affecting the development of the company. Unfortunately, traveling around Europe can be time-consuming, and it is known that nowadays time is extremely valuable for all entrepreneurs. The solution is business flights. They allow flexible adaptation of each trip to the planned meetings and the needs of the entrepreneur.

Fly safely

Business jet is the most hygienic way to travel. First of all: viruses are transmitted by air-droplets. Frequent travel is also associated with more frequent contact with sources of potential infection. Renting a private plane significantly reduces such contact, because only people indicated by the client fly on the rented plane. And the formalities at the airport take place in a more intimate departure room.

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2020 World Figure Skating Championships

2020 World Figure Skating Championships. This is the championship, which will be held March 16-22, 2020 in Montreal.

During the competition, contests of soloists, sports couples and dance couples will be held. Final results will affect the number of players a country can compete in the 2021 World Cup.

Participants from countries within the International Skating Union (ISU) will be able to take part in world championships. According to the results of the 2019 World Championships, each country will be able to exhibit from one to three participants in each competition.

Points for both programs can be earned in different competitions. The International Skating Union accepts results if they are received at international competitions recognized by the ISU. The minimum technical rating must be reached at least 21 days before the first official training day of the championship.

Visit the Montreal World Figure Skating Championships by renting a jet with Jet Partner.

Aereo privato

Aereo privato

I ritardi nelle compagnie aeree popolari possono non solo essere fastidiosi, ma allo stesso tempo per molte persone rappresentano un grosso problema. Questo è particolarmente importante per gli uomini d’affari. In questa situazione, un’alternativa potrebbe essere un aereo privato. Ti consente di risparmiare tempo e pianificare bene il tuo viaggio. Quindi, se il tuo programma della giornata è sempre pieno, e quindi non ci sono ritardi, vale la pena utilizzare i nostri servizi. Offriamo molte buone soluzioni non solo per gli uomini d’affari, ma anche per i privati.

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Życzenia świąteczne

Nadchodzące Święta Bożego Narodzenia niosą ze sobą wiele radości oraz refleksji dotyczących minionego okresu i planów na nadchodzący nowy rok.

W tych wyjątkowych dniach chcemy Państwu życzyć wiele zadowolenia i sukcesów z podjętych wyzwań.

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Zasebno letalo

Zasebno letalo

Group charter

Zamude pri priljubljenih letalskih prevoznikih ne morejo biti le moteče, hkrati pa bodo za številne ljudi predstavljale velik problem. To je še posebej pomembno za poslovneže. V tem primeru bi bila alternativa lahko zasebno letalo. Omogoča vam prihranek časa in dobro načrtovanje potovanja. Če je vaš urnik dneva vedno zaseden in zato ni nobenih zamud, je v takšnih razmerah vredno uporabiti naše storitve. Ponujamo veliko dobrih rešitev ne samo za poslovneže, temveč tudi za zasebnike.

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