How to become a business aviation stewardess

How to become a business aviation stewardess?

The highest level of service provision in business aviation requires a special level of cabin crew training. The experience and professionalism of a flight attendant or flight attendant is the key to a comfortable and safe customer journey. The specifics of work in business aviation is radically different from the features of the same specialist in airlines serving regular passenger traffic.

The common sentence is wrong, with the main conditions to be met by future flight crews of business jets is their young age and presentable appearance. On the contrary, companies that organize private flights choose people with knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to work in a multi-tasking mode.

The basic list of requirements for a stewardess position is as follows:

  • experience in regular flights for at least five years;
  • fluent command of foreign languages, basic is fluent command of spoken and written English;
  • reputation (there should be recommendations from employers);
    physical endurance, reliable health;
  • high stress resistance, flexibility, willingness to work on an irregular schedule;
  • high level of intelligence, ability to get out of different situations, make extraordinary decisions.

In addition, the business aviation stewardess must have knowledge of the intricacies of high cuisine, high class alcohol, tableware, as well as psychology, etiquette, the basics of medicine and many other issues. Special training courses for VIP stewards are required.

Requirements for the steward profession

Business stewardess (flight attendant) is not just a job, but a special lifestyle. At the same time, hard work requires excellent health and steel nerves.

It takes about three hours to prepare the aircraft for the flight. The stewardess has to clean the cabin, set the table, prepare products. Approximately the same amount of time is spent cleaning the cabin after the flight. This should be approached with extreme caution. It is important to take care of luxurious furniture, accessories, expensive interior accessories of the aircraft.

During the flight a flight attendant is required to communicate politely and carefully with passengers.

Working as a flight attendant in the business aviation segment has no age limit. Some companies have flight attendants aged 40+. They are the most experienced specialists ready to solve problems of any complexity.

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