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Jet Partner – where luxury meets accessibility, passion for flying generates endless possibilities and our expertise is the fundament for creative solutions and exemplary customer service. Discover our Private Jet Company

Why choose a
Jet Partner?

Experience, professionalism and strive to exceed the standards in private aviation services are the strong foundation of our company.

More than anything we value the relationships with customers and business partners. Being able to every day better accommodate your needs, while never puting safety and discretion in jeopardy is our mission we are both serious and passionate about.

Premium, high class jets fleet

Our flights have supported the of business, politics and entertainment, military movements,
medical evacuations, marine searches, fire fighting, tourism, commerce, and hundreds of team supporters.

Our flights have carried Heads-of-State to events that have changed lives and nations.
We have flown sophisticated travellers and first time flyers to events of a life time; our flights have delivered complex mining equipment enabling output from billion dollar mines.