Global Coverage of Private Jet Charter

Jet Partner is a Polish aircraft broker specializing in air charters and offering private aircraft rental services. Over fifteen years of activity in the air charter industry, we have thoroughly learned the market of air operators and the specificity of European airports, which has allowed us to gain an established position among the industry’s leaders. Using our private jet charter services, customers can be sure that their flight will be professionally organized to any designated airport. Our extensive experience guarantees the highest standard of services provided.

Exceptional private jet charters for both business and leisure.

At Jet Partner, we offer private jet charters for recreational and business purposes. We provide the highest quality of services. Our air charter solutions are second to none – thanks to us, you can travel anytime to any place of your choice under clearly defined terms. We can boast of experience in this industry – many customers have already used our offer.

Air charter is a solution dedicated to private individuals and organized groups of any number of people, including sports clubs. Business and leisure flights can be taken on the selected dates. We have a comprehensive range of options so that you can fly at the highest possible level. We provide professional service and an unforgettable travel experience. We can fly to virtually any place in the world – currently, we fly to over 20,000 cities.


We have experience renting planes for VIP clients, businessmen, and board members of companies, as well as large organized groups, corporations, sports clubs, event agencies, and private Clients.


Group Charter

We offer aircraft chartering for any number of passengers on any selected routes on any dates selected. We have access to a wide fleet of aircraft across Europe so that we can adapt Our offer to the requirements of Our Clients.


Our private jets

Luxury and comfort

We work relentlessly to meet and exceed the expectations of our discerning clients, ensuring the most comfortable and luxurious mode of travel.

Discretion & security

Jet Partner has an unrivaled reputation in reliability, confidentiality, and integrity. Your safety will always take precedence. Hence, our handpicked team includes only the most experienced pilots, full-time engineers, and maintenance controllers.

Full Range of Aircraft Options

Jet Partner offers various aircraft in all sizes to suit your needs.

Personalized Service

Private aircraft charter is the better alternative to first-class travel. It is hassle-free without worrying about long procedures, delays, lost luggage and scheduled flights.

Flying you to over 20,000 destinations across the globe

Jet Partner provides aircraft charter as it should be, from anywhere to everywhere. We provide exceptional service tailored to fit your every need using the latest technology and safety procedures.

Why choose Jet Partner?

Luxury and comfort

Treat yourself to the most convenient and luxurious mode of travel.

Safety and Security

Your safety takes precedence in everything that we do.

International Flights

Compared to other charter companies, we offer international jet charter services across the globe.

Experienced Crew

Our team comprises the most experienced, dedicated, and highly motivated professionals.

Modern Aircrafts

At Jet Partner, you will find the latest technologies, experienced crew, and, most importantly, modern aircraft.

Fast and Reliable

When long flights and check-in procedures at airports are your reality, making your travel as efficient, convenient, and luxurious as possible is our priority.

Luxury charters

We provide aircraft charters to business professionals to help maximize their time efficiency. Traveling by private jet is the most comfortable, safe, and secure way of flying.
Jet Partner has established a reputation for providing seamless group charter solutions for various international clients. Whether you are flying your pro sports team or planning your next corporate trip, we can provide you with the best group charter solution.
Private jet charter will make your event the most memorable. Jet Partner offers various options to enhance guests’ travel and in-flight experience.
When someone’s life is on the line, you can rely on Jet Partner to arrange an air charter ambulance, transferring injured or critically ill patients quickly and efficiently to ensure they receive the medical attention they need.
Jet Partner has extensive experience in moving key workers all over the world. Enabling a wide range of companies to move their workforce to where it’s most needed.
Depending on your needs, we can provide you with dynamic schedules, fast-track transit, and flexible travel plans, enabling you to keep a tight schedule and provide a seamless travel experience for your travel tours or roadshows.
Sport Travel
We are available to sports clubs and the Football Association and always adapt to their needs.