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Cessna CJ2

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Cessna CJ2

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The question to buy or renting a Cessna CJ2 jet brought you to this page. Cessna Aircraft Company aircraft has taken the lead in the sale and rental of private jets. Cessna is the most massive aircraft in the history of aviation.

From 1956 to 2017, Cessna built over 44,000 aircraft in more than 25 modifications. The plane also leads Jet Partner’s trends in 2021 and ranks first two in the Top 10 most frequently used private jet rentals at Jet Partner.

Technical Specifications Cessna CJ2


• Exterior Height: 4,2 m
• Wing Span: 14,96 m
• Length: 14,56 m


• Cabin Volume: 75 cu m
• Door Height: 1,34 m
• Door Width: 0,61 m
• Internal Baggage: 1,23 cu m


• Crew: 2
• Passengers: 6

Flight range

• Normal Range: 1075 nm
• Max Range: 1530 nm
• Service Ceiling: 13 716 m

Cessna CJ2

Buy Cessna CJ2

Cessna redesigned the CJ1, known for its low maintenance and high performance. The result is an airplane: bigger, faster and better. The private jet’s cabin was lengthened by thirty-three inches, and the wingspan was extended by an additional thirty-five. Its cruising speed exceeds the Cessna CJ1 by thirty knots with significantly reduced fuel consumption.

develop in a joint venture between Cessna and NASA. This wing delays the onset of air separation longer, which improves lift performance by ten to fifteen percent over earlier straight wing designs. Jet Partner does not sell or lease private jets, but we are very happy to introduce you to our reliable partners, with whom we have developed relationships for decades.

Rent a Cessna CJ2

Cessna Citation

The Cessna business jet is extremely easy to fly and can be flown by one pilot. The Citation line was designed for forward-thinking businessmen who will fly their private VIP jets to and from business meetings, resulting in several automated systems and a simple avionics system. When renting a Cessna private jet, its ability to be flown by a single pilot provides more flexibility in flying and reduces the cost of the flight per hour. The CJ2 private jet has a significantly increased capacity compared to the CJ1.

These changes result in greater flexibility in maximum range / payload, offering owners more flight planning options.

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