«Dakar 2019» with Jet Partner

Hurry to attend the Dakar 2019 rally January 6-17. For the first time in history, the rally-marathon will be held on the territory of one country - Peru. The length of the route is 5500 km, 70% of which is in the sands. None of the ten plots will be repeated! 334 combat crews from 61 countries were announced at the Dakar 2019.

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Winter holidays in Tatra Mountains with Jet Partner

Tatra Mountains - is the highest part of the Carpathians, located on the territory of Slovakia and Poland, has 25 peaks above 2500 meters. The Carpathians is a mountain system occupying the territories of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, and partly Austria.

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Grand Lyon Film Festival

The Lumiere Brothers Film Festival in Lyon is a new annual event in the world of cinema history. For the first time, the festival, dedicated to the pioneers of the cinema took place in 2009.

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