Coronavirus Emergency & Evacuation flights.

Europe closed borders amid coronavirus outbreak. Allowed are only aircraft charters with the citizens of destination country on the board.

Сheck out the chronology of the spread of the coronavirus in China if you expect borders would be opened in 14 days.

If you are on a business trip or on vacation, away from your loved ones and your business. If you cannot leave them alone for about 3 months – it’s time to return home. With the spread of the virus, big restrictions might be introduced. Over time it will be more difficult and more expensive to return.

If main airports are closed, you can check regional. Usually smaller ones keep open longer. You can use them for coronavirus evacuation flight.

Look for travel companions, maybe a large plane will be available from your region. The ability to share the cost of renting a plane with someone will significantly reduce your costs and make a private plane more affordable.

Keep calm.

Contact us for more information. Fly safe.

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