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Until recently, flying as a form of transport was not popular. Prices seemed to be very high. However, customers appreciated this way of traveling. This meant that the airports became crowded, and the queues for check-in could be really long. Businessmen often refuse using of traditional lines and rent a private jet.

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Jet Partner offers You private jet charter service in Macedonia. Fly with Jet Partner aircharter service to over 20 000 destination across the globe from Macedonia. We are able to arrange You any type of aircraft from or to Macedonia for any quantity of passengers.

International Airports in Macedonia

Corporate Jet Charter Macedonia

We offer corporate jet charter in Macedonia for corporate showcases, events, weddings, product launches, sports events or crew rotations.

Air charter Jet Macedonia


Group charter Macedonia

We will tailor your charters with dedicated check-in arrangements, increased baggage allowances and any other requirements you might have.

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Amazing Alps

Mountain chain, the highest and the longest, lying entirely in Europe – the Alps. They are a complex system of ridges and massifs. They stretch from the Ligurian Sea to the Middle Danube Lowlands. They took up territory in eight countries: France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. The total length of the alpine arch is approximately 1,200 km and its width is up to 260 km. The highest peak of the Alps is the peak of Mount Blanc and has a height of 4,810 meters above sea level. It is located on the border between France and Italy. The Alps is an international center for alpinism, skiing and tourism. Due to its location in the center of Western Europe, the Alps are one of the best-studied mountain systems, and therefore – the most secure.Read More