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New Beaujolais with Jet Partner

New Beaujolais with Jet Partner

New Beaujolais (fr. Beaujolais nouveau) is a variety of young French wine produced from the Gamaе grape variety in French Beaujolais (Burgundy).

The wine has a bright and sharp taste with an intolerable fruity aroma. This is a light and lively wine, which is recommended to drink chilled to 13 C. Young wine is not intended for long-term storage, it is usually consumed maximum until March of the year following the harvest.

Beaujolais nouveau wine goes on sale immediately after the end of fermentation, six weeks after the end of the harvest. According to legislation, the start of sales of young wine is the third Thursday of November. In 2018 it will be November 15th.

Jet Partner will take you on a holiday on one of the currently available aircraft:

From EPWA, WAW, Warsaw, Frédéric Chopin, Republic of Poland. November 15, 2018. To LFLL, LYS, Saint-Exupéry, Lyon, France. Aircraft:

  • Citation CJ2, D-IBJJ – 5 passengers
  • Premier IA, D-ISAR – 6 passengers
  • Citation CJ3, D-CJET – 7 passengers
  • Citation XLS +, D-CANG – 8 passengers
  • Legacy 600, D-AVIB – 13 passengers

You can find out the cost of renting an airplane, as well as change the city and country of departure on our website.

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